ZODIAC Terminal Operating System Includes 18 Modules that will Maximise the Utilisation of the Core Competencies and Operational assets at the terminal The digital system contributes to enhancing the port's readiness for the future by adopting the Fourth Industrial Revolution Technologies to keep up with the rapid developments and anticipate opportunities and challenges

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 1 March 2021

 DP World, UAE Region, the leading smart trade enabler, has announced the completion of implementing ZODIAC, a terminal operating system (TOS), in Jebel Ali Port’s Container Terminal 3 (CT3). The move represents an additional step to fulfil DP World, UAE Region’s vision to lead smart transformation in its ports and logistics hub. The fully automated system includes advanced solutions for remote control of the port’s facilities.

With this achievement, CT3 will be able to integrate with any terminal that uses the same automation system. Thus, enhancing its ability to ensure smooth operations even during crises, providing businesses with complete support to access the global supply chain with high efficiency and capacity.

Ensuring Smooth Operations

The move by DP World, UAE Region is in continuation with its proactive vision to adopt the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to enhance its readiness for the future and its development of innovative solutions to combat the challenges of tomorrow. This vision constitutes a comprehensive transformation of the global logistics industry, enabling customers to connect better with the global supply and supply chain.

Mohammed Al Muallem, CEO and Managing Director, DP World, UAE Region said: “We have promised our leadership in the UAE, and all our customers and partners, to be one of the first entities to accelerate the recovery of the economy despite the pandemic, by implementing the state-of-the-art digital systems, to ensure sustainability of our operations and keep trade flowing. With our constant efforts, we work hard to fulfil our responsibility as the key player that is securing vital supplies of food and medical supplies in the country. Our technologically advanced logistical infrastructure empowers our customers to continue their operations efficiently and reach global markets.”

Al Muallem added: “This achievement, which we are proud of, is a result of our long-term efforts to nurture local Emirati experts, who have been the force behind the advanced digital ZODIAC system that outweighs the automation and control capabilities of other systems. It has the ability to promote an immediate and direct connection between all facilities and assets of the station, including cranes, large bridges or trucks for transporting and loading containers, in addition to the smart sensors, Internet of Things, and the big data system that we own to enable swift handling of shipments from the ship to the warehouse of the merchant.”

World-Class Digital Capabilities

Commenting on this success in implementing ZODIAC advanced digital system, Ibrahim Al Najjar, Director – Information Technology Department, DP World, UAE Region said: “The latest version that was implemented in Jebel Ali Port’s CT3 represents a quantum leap from its predecessor to 100% automation. We increased the automation level to the maximum capacity, delivering a world-class success story. CT3 has now become one of the most sophisticated and intelligent port terminals in the region, comparable to the best smart port terminals in the world.”

Through the implementation of the ZODIAC digital system, CT3 can, in the future, be a part of the largest global network of supply chain, including the DP World terminals around the world, in addition to other major terminals and ports. The advanced digital capabilities of the system are contributing factors to overcome the challenges of the pandemic, aiding to rapid recovery of the disruptive market.

The ZODIAC digital system consists of 18 internal integrated systems, including the cranes’ automation system, berth planning. It also manages the rail and inland container depot (ICD), provides full fleet management, and control to the container freight station. Additionally, ZODIAC provides real-time container location tracking, clearance, and delivery with billing systems, all supported by the Internet of Things system. ZODIAC can also aid communication with onsite foreman’s PDA devices for on-ground operations and provide an automatic control system for the terminal gates. All these systems are orchestrated by the artificial intelligence system, machine learning.

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