Shaykh Abdallah Bin Bayyah / Discussing the future is, in reality

Discussing the future is, in reality, in

 one way or another, the same as discussing the present, as the future is but the fruit of the present. In the ongoing development of the state of affairs, the future is formed by the present, just as the present is formed by our past consequents are formed from antecedents and branches from their roots.

The present is the grounds on which the future is forged: hence, genuine concern about the future must be reflected in concern for the present; otherwise, it is merely a vain wish. Every hope for a better future, if not built upon work occurring in the present, is not truly hope; rather, it is delusion. Such is the state of those who neither cultivate the land nor sow seeds yet await the harvest.

Predicting and forecasting the future is not a form of divination or speculation but an investigation of what we know of the present, according to the law of causality on the level of phenomena; it is the inviolable law of life: what we do in our present shapes our future.

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